Fans pose as buyers of Jamie Vardy's £1.25m mansion to see his home

Friday, May 26, 2017

Leicester City star Jamie Vardy and wife Rebekah

Leicester City star Jamie Vardy and wife Rebekah have put their £1.25million mansion on the market, which has led to football fans bombarding their estate agent with calls hoping to get a sneak peek of the apartment or talk to the striker himself, reported Daily Star.

Leicester City star Jamie Vardy and wife Rebekah's palatial home

The Vardys have been subject to a lack of privacy since the 30-year-old footballer's house went viral when he uploaded a video celebrating Leicester's Premier League triumph at his apartment last year, resulting in everyone knowing where they stayed. The family has since moved out of the house and is looking for buyers, but is finding it tough.

The firm handling the sale is reportedly having to vet people before any visits to the eight bedroom luxury home. "Cloughmore House is an exceptional family home and the gardens are beautiful -- it makes for a great overall package," said the estate agent. The Englishman had bought the property in 2014 for £950,000 before marrying Rebekah (35) in 2016.

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